Possibly the best account of working on the front line of retail I’ve read

Thanks to our good friend Steve Dresser for recommending what I think is the best blog on working in retail I’ve read. To me it encapsulates the frustrations, the petty rules and the challenges of working in stores better than anything I’ve seen, and the things people doing it do to keep themselves entertained and occupied during hours on the shop floor.

It’s not hard to work out the retailer concerned or the location involved - in fact I often stop there on my way home, and will be more careful to look cheerful next time. Who knows, I might even buy some Haribo.

I can only find three instalments which are all a few months old but they’re all a cracking read. Do be aware before you read it that he is very to-the-point on some issues of race and sex, which might offend some people.

Here’s Part one, Part two, and Part three

If anyone else knows of any good retail blogs we should be recommending I’d love to hear about them.