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Firmly at the heart of the industry, Retail Week is the most trusted source of business intelligence and networking available for today’s retailers

Every week over 50,000 retail professionals visit www.retail-week.com looking to connect to our market-leading news, insight and data. Why is it that so many professionals turn to Retail Week and how does our content help them in their job?

From speaking to our customers we understand that it can be a challenge staying ahead in this fast-paced industry. That is why, in addition to our breaking news, we deliver insight in four areas that every retail professional needs to have access to:

Strategic decision making - We discuss all the major strategic developments in retail, which helps support businesses as they make their most crucial decisions

Innovation - We cover as many innovative & inspiring stories as we can, from tech widgets to in-store design - a big part of what we do is to inspire you and your colleagues in order to advance the British retail industry

Customer trends - We keep you abreast of any consumer trends, from footfall to interest levels in click & collect or preferred payment methods, allowing you to create an empowered customer

Competitor analysis - We provide all of the insight you need to confidently analyse your competitors so you can understand what they're doing and react the same day