Customer feedback submitted on Marks & Spencer’s website has surged after it incorporated new technology into its systems.

M&S incorporated Bazaarvoice’s customer reviews functionality into its post-purchase emails last March and has seen a 427% uplift in customer reviews as a result. 

When a customer purchases an item, they receive a tailored email including a link that takes the customer straight to the reviews page for that product.

Since introducing the feature, M&S has seen a 25% rise in the number of people going to the reviews tab on its website.

Internally, M&S has used a Bazaarvoice platform to ensure customer feedback is processed in a correct and timely manner within the relevant departments.

The brand’s buying teams now analyse customer feedback data on specific products to ensure they are performing at their best. The information is used by the M&S Direct, customer service, website and product marketing teams.

M&S director of multichannel development David Walmsley said: “Bazaarvoice has helped us raise awareness of, and given customers access to, an open and honest feedback mechanism.

“This means customers can make a more informed purchase,which in turn has a positive effect on return rates and bolsters engagement and trust of the M&S brand.”