The Land of Leather brand is up for sale, just over two years after the business collapsed into administration.

Administrator Deloitte has appointed Glasgow-based intellectual asset specialists Metis Partners to sell off the intangible assets, including goodwill and intellectual property.

Land of Leather, set up in 1985, was one of the UK’s leading leather sofa specialists.

Land of Leather collapsed into administration in January 2009. The retailer blamed the collapse on the challenging market conditions following the credit crunch and consumers halting purchases of big-ticket items.

Land of Leather spent some £21.4m on advertising between 2008 and 2009, making the brand a household name.

Stephen Robertson of Metis Partners said: “The Land of Leather brand has a very high level of awareness amongst consumers. It is protected by European Community, UK and Irish trademarks as a leather furniture retailer and this makes it, I believe, a very attractive proposition for any retailer of any kind of leather items wishing to capitalize on the millions of pounds which have been invested in its substantial and consistent advertising campaigns over the years.

“As well as trademarks, several domain names relating to the Land of Leather brand are also included in the sale and we expect there to be keen interest given the outstanding levels of consumer recognition attached to it.”