Employee-owned partnership shows pre-Christmas success
Turnover at John Lewis hit a record level last week. The partnership notched up turnover of£84.1 million, 71 per cent up on last year.

The group's performance overall was enhanced again this week by electricals and home technology, the category was up a robust 22 per cent up on last year.

In the week to December 10, MP3 players sold in high volume as Christmas gifts, while the in-store Cookshop category was strong. According to the partnership, Christmas stationery was still selling at this late stage in its season.

Clothing continued to sell well, with women'

s partywear and handbags selling 4.5 up on last year.

The menswear, leisure and beauty category was up 4.2 per cent and childrenswear, toys and crafts were up 2.4

Evolution retail analyst Nick Bubb said: 'Last week was yet again surprisingly good for JLP, with sales up 7.1 per cent for the week ending Saturday December 10 to a record£84.1 million. Though that again includes the benefit of the new Trafford store and huge online sales growth and momentum slowed at the end of the week, it was still a solid LFL sales week overall.'