Value fashion chain Internaçionale will launch its first transactional website this month, triggering a raft of multichannel services.

Internaçionale will introduce a click-and-collect service in July as well as a mobile-optimised site. From August, shoppers will be able to order online from in-store web terminals.

The website debuts at the end of May and will offer the full range, including clothing, footwear, accessories and its younger Sophie collection. From September, Internaçionale will introduce exclusive web ranges.

Head of multichannel Fiona Fairweather said the website brought it “in line with competitors and in some cases ahead”.

Rival value fashion retailer Primark does not have a transactional site and some have questioned the viability of having an online offer when selling low-value products.

Internaçionale unveiled its new store concept in Meadowhall last month. It offers shoppers a more modern environment.