Retail news round-up July 31, 2013: Which? critcises supermarkets, ASA rejects Sainsbury’s complaint, Morrisons trials NOW SIMs, Primark Denim Co launches.

Consumer watchdog Which? slams M&S and other supermarkets  for not backing “consistent unit price” campaign

Consumer watchdog Which? slammed Marks & Spencer, Tesco and other big name supermarkets for short-changing shoppers by failing to back a campaign for clearer pricing of products in their stores.

Which? revealed that only Morrisons, Co-op, Waitrose and Aldi had backed its call for a “consistent unit price” on labels. But it said M&S and Iceland are yet to take any action, the Telegraph reported. Other retailers such as Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Lidl have only said that they are either improving their labelling or working on a transparent pricing but have not taken any significant step towards consistent unit pricing.


ASA rejects Sainsbury’s complaint about Tesco’s Price Promise campaign

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rejected Sainsbury’s complaint about Tesco’s Price Promise campaign and ruled in favour of Tesco. Sainsbury’s claimed the campaign was misleading because it ignored crucial differences in the two supermarkets’ own-label and fresh products.

Tesco launched Price Promise in March 2013, comparing the overall cost of a product against the same or equivalent products from Sainsbury’s and other retailers.


Morrisons to trial NOW SIMs in selected stores

Morrisons is launching a trial of SIMs across its 50 stores with Now, a mobile virtual network operator specialising in international calling and low cost pre-paid mobile solutions.

Under the agreement, Data Select, a mobile phones and accessories distributor, will supply Morrison stores with Now SIMs until March 2014. The agreement will also see Now top-ups be made available in Morrison stores later this year. All chosen stores are in locations with a culturally diverse demographic and a high level of international customers.


Primark Denim Co. launches with in-store and digital activity

High street retailer Primark has partnered with The One Off to create the in-store and online launch campaign for Primark Denim Co. In addition to the digital and online activity, the range will also be promoted via a full window campaign and in-store POS, aiding customer navigation across the entire range.