Harmony Oxford St shop slammed

Sex specialist Harmony is to open the first licensed adult store on Oxford Street, amid fears that its presence will be 'totally inappropriate'.

The 4,000 sq ft (3,716 sq m) store will open two doors from Ann Summers and will stock a variety of sex toys as well as magazines and films.

However, Oxford Street Association director Sally Humphries said: 'I take the view that it is totally inappropriate. There is a place for shops like (Harmony) and it's in Soho.'

Harmony already has one store just off Oxford Street, on Charing Cross Road. Humphries said Westminster Council granted the lease because it had no grounds on which to turn it down. She added that she would endeavour to keep an open mind.

Harmony retail manager Jamie O'Sullivan said the chain wanted to establish a 'lifestyle brand' with the Oxford Street store. It could lead to more high street shops elsewhere.

He said he had drafted in store design specialists, including Space Craft, in a bid to take the store more upmarket than existing locations.

'We've put a lot of effort into creating a nice retail environment,' he said.