Waitrose is to launch a top-end range, after striking a deal with Prince Charles’ organic food company Duchy Originals.

The range, called Duchy Originals from Waitrose, will launch in October. It will initially consist of 200 lines, and grow to 500 next year.

The exclusive partnership will see Waitrose manufacture, produce and sell Duchy Originals. As a result, Duchy Originals will come out of all of Waitrose’s big grocery competitors such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s. It will however continue to be sold in independents and farm shops.

Waitrose managing director Mark Price said the range will remain “quintessentially English” and cover most categories.

He said it allows Waitrose to offer a broad spectrum of price architecture, allowing shoppers to “dip in and out of Waitrose”.

Prince Charles will remain involved in the brand’s development and Waitrose will pay royalties to his charities each year. Waitrose will also continue to support British farming, which the Prince is also a key advocate for.