• Tesco to accept Sainsbury’s Brand Match coupons until June
  • Sainsbury’s scrapped scheme last week
  • UK boss Matt Davies says customers have “opportunity to experience” Tesco’s Brand Guarantee

Tesco will accept Sainsbury’s Brand Match coupons, following Sainsbury’s decision to scrap its scheme as part of its everyday pricing efforts.

From today until June, Tesco customers will be able to use Sainsbury’s Brand Match coupons to receive money off their shopping.

Tesco launched its own brand match scheme last October, which negates the need for paper coupons and refunds customers the difference at the till. The scheme applies to shops of 10 or more items and compares prices with Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

Tesco UK and Ireland boss Matt Davies said: “This is a little help for Sainsbury’s customers from us at Tesco. It also provides the opportunity for Sainsbury’s customers to experience Tesco’s brand guarantee, which we launched in October, and has been universally welcomed by our customers.”