Boots UK and Waitrose have confirmed details of the first trial in their recently announced in-store partnership, which will see Waitrose food products sold in selected Boots stores and Boots health and beauty products available in selected Waitrose stores.

The lunchtime food offering will be the first trial, with four Boots stores selling a new range that combines the “best of Boots and Waitrose lunchtime”.

From yesterday, customers at the Boots trial stores can select from the Waitrose lunchtime range as well as items from the Boots Shapers range.

The second trial will start in April with three Boots stores stocking a larger range of lunchtime and convenience food, including Essential Waitrose products and items from a range of 1,500 products supplied by Waitrose.

At the same time Boots health and beauty products will be trialled in seven Waitrose stores. These branches will offer a range of Boots branded and exclusive health and beauty products and toiletries. Two of the trial store locations will include a full Boots pharmacy offer.

Richard Hodgson, commercial director at Waitrose, added:  “We want to make Waitrose accessible to more people in more places and this exciting partnership will help us achieve this goal.”