Inflation grew for the first time since last summer in April, driven by fashion and footwear price increases.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said inflation jumped 1.8% in April, up from 1.6% in March. It is the first rise in 10 months.

Fashion and footwear prices rose in April while inflation was flat last year. The upward contribution came mainly from women’s clothing and accessories as the ONS said a number of retailers came out of Sales.

A rise in air fares, sea fares and motor fuels provided the largest contribution to the rise in the rate, which was driven by the long Easter weekend falling in the period as people went on holiday.

But this was offset slightly by a 0.5% fall in prices across food and alcoholic drinks compared to a 0.7% rise last year as supermarkets began slashing prices as part of the renewed price war. Prices fell across a range of foods and particularly vegetables where the ONS said it was reported there was a better crop this Spring against last year when crops were impacted by frost.