Lisa Morgan will now have more time to spend with her beloved horses.

When retailers leave their jobs, they often say they’re spending more time with their family. In the case of Game chief executive Lisa Morgan, it’ll probably be her beloved horses which will be the beneficiaries of the extra time she’ll have.

I was sorry to see Lisa was stepping down, along with COO Terry Scicluna, in this morning’s results announcement, when Game announced a big fall in profits and plans to close 100 stores. She adored the category and the business, and is a genuinely nice person who’s been a big supporter of Retail Week down the years.

Sadly things haven’t gone to plan since the big boom in new console launches a couple of years ago, and while the performance was in line with what the company had guided, the departures of Morgan and Scicluna and absence of a new CEO to fill the void will create the air of a company in crisis.

Regular readers will know that Game splits opinion like no other business. The company won Speciality Retailer of the Year at last year’s Retail Week Awards but a lot of people - notably our deputy editor George - have always been sceptical about it, saying it’s the ultimate cyclical stock and entirely reliant on the product cycle. The company went to great pains to demonstrate that this wasn’t the case but the critics appear to have been proved right.

The new CEO will have some massive issues to get their head round. One is the supermarkets’ growing power in the games category, which was highlighted by Terry Leahy in the Tesco results presentation yesterday. Tesco has even secured exclusive deals with some game publishers, which must horrify a specialist like Game.

Game also needs to do a better job online, and create some sort of buzz around its stores. The staff are great and real emthusiasts, but the stores themselves are a pretty humdrum affair and do nothing to reflect the excitement of the product. The new boss could do worse than have a look at what Simon Fox has done at arch-rival HMV to ensure it really owns the entertainment space, and try to replicate that in games.