Retail Week exclusive on the latest retail shopper numbers
Weekend footfall for the UK rose slightly, compared with the previous weekend. However, shopper numbers are still down on the comparable week last year.

According to shopper volumes analyst Footfall, numbers rose 3.3 per cent on last Saturday, compared with December 4. The rise slowed a little to 3.2 per cent on Sunday 12, compared with the previous Sunday.

Taken together, Saturday and Sunday, December 11 and December 12 was 3.2 per cent up on the previous weekend.

However, when compared with the weekend of December 13 and December 14 last yeas, footfall was down 3.6 per cent.

Footfall business planning director David Smyth said: 'The year-on-year results may seem a little disappointing, but don't forget that there are two more shopping days this year, so people are leaving their Christmas shopping a little bit later.'

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