Organic chain reveals plans for Europe
The world's largest organic and natural foods chain Whole Foods Market is to open its first UK store in London tomorrow, with plans for hundreds more in Europe.

The store is located on Kensington High Street and is the largest of the chain's 200 outlets. Whole Foods co-president Walter Robb said: 'We're obviously not here to do one store. We have plans for the UK and the continent. By 2010, we expect we can have 300 stores in the US. The UK and Europe is about the same size market, so maybe we could have something similar here.'

The organic store will sell everything from fresh fish and vegetables to yoga mats, clothes and body lotion. The interior is also understood to include a pub and a DJ booth, along with various dining areas.

Last month, the organic grocer launched its inaugural weekly online cooking show, Secret Ingredient, to inspire customers with inventive recipe ideas. Host Scott Simons said: 'Because we focus on only one ingredient an episode, viewers really get to know the featured item and take away practical cooking tips and recipes.'