Levi's is targeting female shoppers with its first Levi's For Girls store, which opened in Paris on Tuesday. More shops will follow next year.

The denim specialist said that women felt unisex stores were too male-oriented and they associated Levi's with stacks of denim.

'Research showed that women wanted a store environment that was specially made for them,' said Levi's store design manager John van Dorst. 'We're creating a destination store for girls that showcases our new female collections, such as women's jeans, tops, bags and belts.'

The shop has a boutique-style environment and a new logo - an image of a woman's face. Levi's worked with agencies BBH and The Kitchen to come up with the identity.

Two Levi's For Girls stores will open in the UK next year, probably in London. Levi's sees scope for 10 to 12 more in the next four years, said UK retail manager David Woods.