Hobbs recorded a 1.3% rise in EBITDA to £15.2m for the year to January 26, 2013 as it prepares to launch its first overseas websites and refresh stores while it is looking to take Hobbs to China .

The fashion retailer delivered a total sales rise of 11.1% to £125m and online sales surged 52%, accounting for 22.1% of total sales.

In the year Hobbs ploughed £3m into extending its products and developing its brand. It plans to invest further in the business and revamp a third of stores in the next six months, following the opening of new concept stores in Guildford and Bluewater in May.

Hobbs said its international plans are “on track” and it now delivers to more than 50 countries. It aims to open its first localised sites in Germany, Australia and the US towards the end of the year.

In addition, Hobbs chief executive Nicky Dulieu said she plans to launch the retailer in China “fairly soon”, with an initial move to the country though a store-opening in Hong Kong.

She added: “China has now come higher up the agenda. We are understanding what the appeal is in China. Entry luxury has huge appeal with the rising middle classes and it feels like the best possible time for our brand coupled with a refresh.

Hobbs chairman Iain MacRitchie said: We will continue to invest at a higher rate over the next three years to build on our foundation for longer-term growth and realise our international aspirations. 

“2013 and 2014 are set to be very exciting, with our strategic investments coming to fruition for our customers across channels, collections and territories. We believe Hobbs now has the right strategy, product offering and experienced management team in place to realise the brand’s global potential.”