Electricals group Dixons will launch its Knowhow on-demand movie business this Thursday, March 1.

The free subscription service will enable film fans to rent or buy movies, which can be downloaded onto devices including smartphones and tablet computers, and will pitch Dixons against competitors such as Amazon, Blockbuster and Netflix.

Each new connected device sold by DixonsCurrys and PC World stores will come with Knowhow Movies pre-loaded and it will be demonstrated at purchase by store staff. 

Knowhow development director Niall O’Keeffe said: “As a high street retailer we are in the unique position of being able to help customers who are less confident with tech by showing them how to install and use the service.

“TVs and the home entertainment sector is a cornerstone of our business, and it’s hugely exciting to be taking this next step and offering our customers great content to be enjoyed on their connected devices.”

Dixons sells more than 4.5million connected devices each year and has contact with 19 million customers through in-store, online and servicing operations. 

Films will be available through Knowhow Movies on the day of release and will cost £3.99 to rent or £12.99 to buy. Catalogue titles will cost from £2.99 to rent and from £5.99 to buy and TV shows start at £1.99.