• UK’s first Dyson Demo store opens tomorrow on Oxford Street
  • The store includes hair styling stations for testing its new Supersonic hairdryer
  • Dyson said it is “restless to create more demo spaces”

Dyson has unveiled its first bricks and mortar store in the UK on London’s Oxford Street as it prepares to throw open its doors tomorrow.

The Dyson Demo - the brand’s first dedicated retail space in Britain - is designed to encourage shoppers to pick-up, test and experience Dyson’s technology.

The store, which measures 3,230 sq ft over two floors, features hair styling stations where customers can test the newly launched Supersonic hairdryer and get styling advice.

It also stocks 65 Dyson products available for immediate purchase or home delivery. 

The store houses 64 different dust samples and four floor types, on which customers are able to test Dyson’s range of vacuum cleaners, including its robotic vacuum cleaner, the 360 Eye, which launches in the UK when the store opens tomorrow.

Dyson research design and development director, and son of founder James Dyson, Jake Dyson said: “The Dyson Demo encourages people to be hands-on. The Supersonic salon introduces hair science to the high street for the first time, and nowhere else can choose between 64 types of dust and debris to test a vacuum cleaner.

“We’re able to have the cleanest air in London on one of its most polluted streets by having our air purifying products in here.”

Dyson chief executive Max Conze said the company is “restless to create more demo spaces” and unveiled plans to open similar spaces in other “major world cities”.

He added: “We call it a Dyson Demo – not a store – because it really is about bringing the products to life.

“They are best understood when experienced and explained in a Dyson environment by Dyson experts.”

Dyson’s first retail concept space opened in Paris in 2000. Its maiden flagship demo store opened in Tokyo in 2015, before the firm launched a second in Jakarta earlier this year.

To watch a tour of Dyson’s first bricks and mortar store, and an interview with UK and Ireland boss Steven Wichary, click here.