Supermarkets in Cardiff could be charged £75 for every abandoned shopping trolley, as the number dumped in the city has increased following the introduction of a 5p charge for plastic bags in Wales.

The Abandoned Shopping Trolley Policy, which is set to be approved by Cardiff council, aims to encourage retailers to keep trolleys on their sites.

Council executive member for environment, Ashley Govier, told WalesOnline: “The taking of shop trolleys is theft and we condemn this behaviour.

“Once dumped, these trolleys are unsightly and bring a rundown feeling to an area which in turn attracts further litter and fly-tipping as well as encouraging anti-social behaviour. Abandoned shopping trolleys can also harm wildlife and if dumped in a stream or river they can also create a flood hazard.”

But the Welsh Retail Consortium (WRC) has slammed the council for the measure, according to WalesOnline.

WRC director Mark Ross said: “A trolley can cost a retailer £150 to buy - they don’t want them stolen.”