A video game expected to become the fastest and biggest selling title in games history was launched in stores across the country at midnight, kicking off the busiest week in the games calendar.

Call of Duty: Black Ops marks the busiest week in the games calendar this year, with Microsoft’s much anticipated launch of its Kinect motion-sensor device being launched tomorrow (Wednesday).

Retailers including HMV opened there stores at midnight to cater for the hoardsof games fans.

HMV opened more than 100 of its UK and Ireland stores at midnight, including its regional flagships such as London’s Oxford Street, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast & Dublin.

HMV Head of Games Tim Ellis said: “Call of Duty: Black Ops is all set to challenge last year’s phenomenon Modern Warfare 2 to become the fastest and biggest-selling title in games history.

“Well over 1 million sales are predicted for its first week alone, and with Christmas coming up and more people now owning a console than ever before, we expect it to go on to become not just the most popular game ever, but an iconic release that will take gaming on to a new level.

“HMV has taken huge pre-orders online at hmv.com for Call of Duty: Black Ops, including for the exclusive Prestige limited edition.”