Uplift driven by global expansion
Sales at upmarket fashion brand Burberry soared 20 per cent to£458 million for the six months to March 31, following investment in its retail business and further expansion worldwide.

Retail sales rose 24 per cent to£241 million in the second half, driven by new and existing stores, with comparable store sales rising 12 per cent. Retail sales accounted for about 53 per cent of revenue in the second half. The company opened six stores, eight concessions and one outlet during the period.

Full-year sales rose 15 per cent to£850 million, with sales at the company's retail division up 24 per cent to£410 million. Full-year figures include the company's Taiwan acquisition in the first half.

At its wholesale division, momentum experienced in the first half gathered pace with the spring season. Underlying wholesale sales rose 17 per cent to£172 million during the second half, with full-year sales up 8 per cent to£354 million.

Burberry chief executive offficer Angela Ahrendts said: 'Burberry achieved outstanding 20 per cent underlying revenue growth in the second half. The significant investment initiated during this financial year to enhance the luxury component of the brand, advance retail expansion and evolve our operating model is driving accelerated growth across all three channels: retail, wholesale and licensing. This performance is consistent with our expectations for the full financial year.'