New labelling puts retailers
Boots, Innocent and Walkers are among the retailers and brands testing a labelling system from the Carbon Trust designed to advise shoppers on how they can reduce their carbon footprint, as well as holding their green credentials up for inspection.

From mid-April products will appear on shelves with a logo bearing the legend 'reduce it or lose it', whereby if the companies involved fail to reduce their carbon footprint over a two-year period they will have the label withdrawn.

Boots will introduce point of sale material with the label to accompany the launch of Botanics and Ingredients shampoo ranges with a reduced carbon footprint. It will also give advice to consumers on how they can reduce their personal carbon footprints. The material is expected to be in more than 250 stores from July.

Boots' sustainable development manager Andrew Jenkins said: 'With Boots as the most trusted brand in the UK, providing this information and advice to customers on reducing carbon footprints will raise public awareness about the part we can all play in combating climate change and protecting the environment.'