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  • Consumers flock to large shopping centres such as Westfield Stratford City, with their prime retail offer

    The big picture of development


    The scale of development in the UK and the rest of Europe is polarising. With a handful of plans for mega schemes in the pipeline, and other boutique and niche projects being pushed forward, Mark Faithfull considers whether the middle ground has been squeezed out.

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    Delhaize accelerates store openings


    Delhaize plans to speed up store openings in its new markets and new formats to achieve annual sales growth of 5% to 7% in three years. The retailer expects to open about 450 stores in its newer operations by 2014. Store openings will include expansion of its Bottom Dollar Food ...

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    Sales rise for Grocer Delhaize Group


    Grocer Delhaize Group’s sales in the third quarter of 2011 rose 6.6% at identical exchange rates, to E5.33bn (£4.57bn). Growth in the US reached 3.5% in dollars and 1.9% like-for-like. Operating profit increased 1.8% at identical exchange rates to E238m (£204.1m). Operating margin decreased to 4.5%, mainly due to the ...

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    Media-Saturn to cut jobs at its headquarters


    Metro Group-controlled Media-Saturn is to cut 61 of 139 jobs at its headquarters. The electronics retailer said the decision has been prompted by the economic crisis that has led to a drop in consumer confidence, the rise of internet sales and the cost structure of the headquarters. The retailer’s board ...

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    Delhaize Group closes public offering of seven-year bonds


    Delhaize Group has closed the public offering of seven-year bonds for a total amount of E400m (£347m). Delhaize Group president and chief executive Pierre-Olivier Beckers said: “This successful bond offering will help us fund the continued implementation of our New Game Plan strategy as well as re-finance existing debt recently ...

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    Colruyt predicts net profit will be below market expectations


    Colruyt predicts that net profit this year will be below market expectations and no higher than last year. According to the grocer, the reasons for this are higher food, energy and staff costs. The traditionally cautious Belgian company said it would not be able to fully pass on higher food ...

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    Delhaize Group reports second-quarter sales increase


    Delhaize Group has reported second-quarter sales reached E5.1bn (£4.4bn), corresponding to an increase of 4.2% at actual exchange rates compared with the same period in 2010. Net profit rose 1.9% to E117m (£101.7m) while operating profit decreased by 7.8% to E209m (£181.6m). Delhaize Group plans a net addition of 115 ...

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    Delhaize Group completes acquisition of Delta M


    Delhaize Group has completed the acquisition of Serbian retail group Delta M. Delhaize said that over the next several quarters it will focus on the development of strategic plans for pricing, branding, as well as format management to ensure growth in the region. The retailer’s target is the generation of ...

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    Best Buy Europe to sell off Belgian Phone House


    Best Buy Europe, the joint venture between Carphone Warehouse and US electricals group Best Buy, is to sell its Belgian retail business.

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    Ahold has opened its first Albert Heijn store in Belgium


    Ahold has opened its first Albert Heijn store in Belgium. Among the 12,000 products sold 1,500 are Flemish, including a wide range of Belgian beers and chocolates. All items are offered at the same prices as at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands. At the store, which covers floor space of ...

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    Delhaize Group revenue increases 4.6% to £17.7bn


    Delhaize Group has reported revenues of E20.8bn (£17.7bn) for 2010. This represents an increase of 1% at identical exchange rates or 4.6% at actual exchange rates, due to the strengthening of the US dollar by 5.2% against the euro compared with 2009. Organic revenue growth was 0.9%. Delhaize Group added ...

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    Ahold to open first store in Belgium


    Dutch grocery retailer Ahold is going to open its first store in Belgium in March. The store in Brasschaat, located north of Antwerp and less than 10 kilometres from the Dutch border, will be franchise-owned by Nathalie and Marco Van Ende and supplied by the existing Albert Heijn warehouse in ...

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    Colruyt posts 7.9% revenue increase


    Grocery retailer Colruyt posted a revenue increase of 7.9% for its first half, from E3.29bn (£2.79bn) to E3.55bn (£3bn). For the period ended September 30, gross profit jumped 9.1% to E900.4m (£763m) from E825.2m (£699.3m), which corresponds to a gross profit margin of 25.34% compared with 25.06% last year.

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    Delhaize Group Q3 sales increase 0.8% to £4.4bn


    Delhaize Group has posted sales growth of 0.8% at identical exchange rates in the third quarter, the period between July and September. At actual exchange rates, sales increased by 8.6% to €5.3bn (£4.4bn) due to the strengthening of the US dollar by 10.8% against the euro compared with the third ...

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    Delhaize reports mixed H1 results


    Grocer Delhaize Group posted mixed first-half results. In Belgium revenues grew 5.5% to €2.34bn (£1.91bn), supported by 4.7% like-for-like growth and new store openings. Alfa Beta in Greece put in another strong performance with a 7.3% increase in revenues to €765m (£627m) and gained further market share. Operations in Romania ...

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    Colruyt Q1 revenues up 8.5%


    Discount grocer Colruyt has posted an 8.5% rise in first-quarter revenue to €1.8bn (£1.5bn). The growth was attributed to an increase in customers and the positive influence of summer weather, supporting the sale of fresh and barbeque-related produce. The group’s retail trade division reported turnover up 7.1% to €1.4bn (£1.2bn). ...

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    Delhaize Q1 revenue up 1.7%


    Delhaize Group posted 1.7% revenue growth In the first quarter of 2010 at identical exchange rates. At actual exchange rates, revenue decreased 2.3% to e4.97 bn (£4.48bn), due to the weakening of the US dollar by 5.8% against the euro compared with the first quarter of 2009. Organic revenue growth ...

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    Komplett sells Dutch, Belgian and Irish operations


    Norway’s online and mail order electronics retailer Komplett has completed the sale of its operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland to Dutch sector player ParaDigit Holding BV. The takeover also includes a licence agreement that allows ParaDigit to use the Komplett name for its online operations. The Norwegian retailer ...

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    Schlecker to close 32 stores in Belgium


    German drugstore group Schlecker expects to close 32 of its 36 stores in Belgium by the end of this year. The decision comes after it was revealed that Schlecker will also axe its stores network in the Netherlands. Schlecker’s online store for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg was axed in ...

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    Médiacité: Taking the Cité by storm

    March 5, 2010

    Belgium’s third largest city has something to shout about with its striking Médiacité shopping centre, and British retailers are among its most prominent early tenants. John Ryan reports