Employees appear in court dressed as fruit
Asda has been fined£5,000 for describing mangoes as helpful in fighting cancer.

Swindon Magistrates' Court found the retailer guilty of breaching The Food Labelling Regulations 1996. Under the rules it is a crime to say that a food prevents, treats or cures a disease.

The retailer has admitted it made a mistake and has agreed to pay the fine. However, it wants to fight to change food labelling laws. Asda spokeswoman Rachel Fellows said: 'It seems crazy that the undisputed benefits [of mangoes] appear on the Department of Health and Food Standards Agency web sites but that we cannot echo those statements in our stores.'

Asda employees appeared in front of the court to support this claim dressed as pieces of fruit.

The Department of Health and Food Standards Agency recommends that people eat five pieces of fruit a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but does not encourage claims that suggest a treatment or cure.