How can retailers use content marketing to increase sales?

As online shoppers become ever more savvy and social media grows in popularity, content marketing and programmatic advertising have become increasingly prominent among online retailers.

Marketo chief marketing officer Sanjay Dholakia says: “Content marketing is the most effective way for online retailers to appeal to shoppers in this relationship-based and customer-driven digital marketplace.

“Retailers are also likely to win increased engagement from their shoppers as content marketing helps to further establish brands as useful, helpful and relevant.”

However, while online shoppers continue to use ad-blocking technology, marketers face a significant challenge to find new ways of reaching customers that feel engaging and authentic to the consumer while still driving sales.

Marketers need to be resourceful and strategic with the content they produce at times when retailer’s marketing budgets may be reduced.

Finding new efficiencies and being able to repurpose content for multiple uses and programmes at scale will be increasingly important.

Tools such as marketing automation can help companies get a competitive advantage.

“By streamlining processes and centralising customer data, retailers achieve the best understanding of which content and spend drives the best returns for the business,” says Dholakia.