Retailer argues its case
Tesco was set to argue to MPs that consumers, not the retailer, will dictate what the UK high street will look like in 10 years.

The UK's number-one retailer was poised to give evidence at a hearing of the All Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group at the House of Commons as Retail Week went to press. The group is gathering evidence on how the big grocers' expansive moves will change the high street landscape by 2015.

Tesco was expected to state that social factors, such as consumers being short of time, and an ageing population, will shape the high street.

A Tesco spokesman said: 'It is up to the retailer to respond to these trends, but that is something not exclusive to Tesco. There are other retailers that have also done this and reaped the benefits.'

Tesco was also expected to defend its market-leading position and argue that it brings benefits to consumers, such as lower prices and good service.

The Office of Fair Trading is reconsidering its decision not to refer the supermarket sector to the Competition Commission for a full-blown inquiry.