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  • Tesco is putting value, loyalty and digital at the heart of its strategy

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    Tesco (Strategy)

    Having successfully completed its five year turnaround, Tesco’s new CEO Ken Murphy has set out three key priorities for the business: building on the gains made in Tesco’s pricing and value perception, building on customer loyalty and continued acceleration of its digital platforms.

  • Tesco doubled its grocery delivery slots to 1.5m per week

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    Ecommerce at Tesco

    Tesco’s ecommerce operation is one of the most sophisticated in retail and it is the UK’s leading online grocer by a considerable margin, holding around one third of the market. Having reined in its investment in online expansion, Tesco has now accelerated investment in light of heightened demand since the Covid-19 pandemic, doubling its delivery slots to 1.5m per week.

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    Technology strategy at Tesco

    Tesco’s tech mission is to adapt its business in response to technology-led changes in the way shoppers operate.

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    Supply chain at Tesco

    Tesco is reconfiguring its supply chain for a multichannel environment, aiming for shortest lead times, increased availability and simplified customer journey. Over the next three years it plans to add up to 25 Urban Fulfilment Centres (UFCs).

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    Stores at Tesco

    Tesco has drastically reduced store expansion since embarking upon its turnaround over the past few years. Although some stores have opened, these have mostly been small format supermarkets and convenience stores.

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    Customer and marketing at Tesco

    Tesco has been putting the customer back at the heart of everything it does, by focusing on availability, product quality, service and targeted price reductions.