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    Superdrug (Strategy)

    AS Watson’s strategy for Superdrug is focused on rebuilding the retailer as a multichannel player. Although relatively late in developing its offer, and therefore playing catch-up against its competitors, the scale and investment at group level in its digital strategy has helped in recent years.

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    Ecommerce at Superdrug

    Superdrug has been on a multichannel drive in recent years and innovation within its model – which parent group AS Watson is calling its O+O (online plus offline) standard – will be even more relevant as the business moves forward in a post-Covid world.

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    Technology strategy at Superdrug

    Superdrug is on a multichannel drive after recognising its delay in introducing services that its competitors already excelled at. To make up for lost time, parent company AS Watson has ploughed more than £40m investment into its digital offer over the past five years or so.

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    Supply chain at Superdrug

    The current priority at Superdrug is investing in infrastructure to support planned rapid multichannel growth. 

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    Stores at Superdrug

    Recent store openings have either focused on enhancing Superdrug’s reputation as a more upmarket beauty retailer or on improving its healthcare credentials.

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    Customer and marketing at Superdrug

    Superdrug is positioned as a fashion-led health and beauty retailer which, in line with its owner AS Watson’s approach, focuses on providing the best offers to customers at affordable prices.