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    Poundland (Strategy)

    The retailer has been gradually increasing its focus within the high frequency grocery category and has launched a transformation programme to move online and revamp its stores.

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    Ecommerce at Poundland

    Poundland acquired online discount retailer in early 2022 to facilitate a national rollout of its ecommerce trial.

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    Technology strategy at Poundland

    Poundland’s investment in IT is based on value for money but also resilience. It outsources regularly, with managed service provider NextiraOne a key partner during recent years.

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    Supply chain at Poundland

    Poundland has established strong relationships with leading manufacturers in the UK. Its distribution centres in the UK also supply stores in Ireland and Spain.

  • Poundland plans to revamp its stores and split them into 'destination', 'core' and 'convenience'.

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    Stores at Poundland

    Poundland had intended to increase the size of its domestic store network to 1,300 stores going forward, but this target would appear to have been scaled back of late. In mid-2020 the retailer announced plans to revamp its stores, as part of a new transformation programme. 

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    Customer and marketing at Poundland

    Poundland’s ambition is for the brand to be a standard-bearer for value. About a third of Poundland’s product offer features well-known brands such as Cadbury’s, Radox, Colgate, Slazenger and Panasonic, the vast majority of which are sourced directly from manufacturers.