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    Naked Wines (Strategy)

    With customer retention rates plummeting in the wake of the pandemic, online wine specialist Naked Wines is “taking steps to reset our cost base and unwind inventory levels” as it warns that revenues are expected to fall by between 4 and 9% during the current financial year.

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    Ecommerce at Naked Wines

    As a purely online business, Naked Wines works hard to ensure its website is as engaging as possible. A huge amount of information is available on the wines and their producers, which can be filtered by country of origin, style of wine, or price, to help customers make their selections. 

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    Technology strategy at Naked Wines

    Naked Wines is a technology-driven business and stepped up its investment in this area in FY2021 as it seeks to reinforce its technology infrastructure to improve the customer experience and support its rapid growth. 

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    Supply chain at Naked Wines

    Naked Wines operates eight fulfilment centres across its three territories, four of which are located in the US. From mid-2020, the retailer has been operating on a seven-day fulfilment model in order to improve delivery times.

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    Customer and marketing at Naked Wines

    Having invested heavily in customer acquisition in recent years, it is now focusing on customer retention across its three territories and has shifted from high mass, high churn to a model prioritising high-quality repeat customers with improved lifetime values.