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    With lockdown periods providing time for reflection on forward strategy, management didn’t want to return to the ‘same old’ way of running the business when the pandemic ended. As a result, Lush has been through a ‘Covid rinse’, which has contributed to an improved profit performance in the year to end June 2021.

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    Ecommerce at Lush

    The Lush website has seen a significant increase in both traffic and conversion rate since the onset of the pandemic. To capitalise on this, the retailer has introduced a number of new initiatives to drive digital sales and improve the customer journey. 

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    Technology strategy at Lush

    Lush’s tech providers have come under the spotlight as part of the increased focus on cost-efficiencies as a result of the pandemic, with the retailer moving increasingly towards cloud-based solutions.

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    Supply chain at Lush

    Ethical values are at the heart of the supply chain strategy. CSR has always been a priority and there has been significant recent investment in overseas manufacturing to take the pressure of its UK facilities. 

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    Stores at Lush

    With the pandemic accelerating the shift of customers onto the website and high street footfall declining, the focus for the stores is to provide a shopping experience worth coming to the high street for.

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    Customer and marketing at Lush

    Lush has a strong ethical stance. None of its products are tested on animals, nor does it deal with suppliers that do so. Its products are all made from fruit and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics and do not contain animal ingredients. In order to reduce waste, nearly half of the products are unpackaged – or ‘naked’ as Lush describes them.