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    JD Sports (Strategy)

    The JD Sports business runs two major divisions, sports fashion and outdoor. Sports fashion provides the bulk of revenues, and as such has been the focus of acquisitions and investment over the last few years.

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    Ecommerce at JD Sports

    JD Sports has the ambition to become a “cutting-edge international multichannel retailer” as it recognises that its customers are extremely digitally aware. As such, it continues to invest heavily in digital innovation and mobile technologies to further enhance the multichannel journey for its customers.

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    Technology strategy at JD Sports

    JD Sports wants to be able to compete with its biggest discount rivals and, as a result, a balanced, pragmatic approach towards technology innovation has emerged – it is open to new tech, but this is tempered by its budget.

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    Supply chain at JD Sports

    JD Sports kicked off a major programme to enhance the logistics network across the UK and Europe in the first half of 2021, with long term leases being progressed on two major facilities. 

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    Stores at JD Sports

    The sports fashion division is focused on the JD and Size? brands, both of which are now relatively mature. In previous years, openings had focused on transitioning small stores to larger premises as a cost-effective way of expanding its product offer.

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    Customer and marketing at JD Sports

    JD Sports has carved out a distinctive niche through its focus on more fashionable sportswear – this is in stark contrast to the more value-oriented approach taken by sector leader Sports Direct. JD prides itself on its strong supplier relationships and has turned these into a competitive advantage.