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    Hotel Chocolat (Strategy)

    Hotel Chocolat’s strategy circulates around product innovation, loyalty and evolving the store experience, as well driving online sales and wholesale partnerships. Its mantra is “more cocoa, less sugar, for a healthier and more satisfying cocoa hit”.

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    Ecommerce at Hotel Chocolat

    Hotel Chocolat is one of the few high street retailers to have moved from being a pureplay, when it ran its Chocolate Tasting Club online, to a significant bricks-and-mortar player. Recently it has refocused efforts on digital engagement – from digitising the VIP loyalty scheme and replatforming the tasting club, to introducing a gift delivery services and subscription services.

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    Technology strategy at Hotel Chocolat

    Hotel Chocolat’s priorities from an IT perspective centre on improving customer experience across all of its channels, with particular  focus on responsive website design, an expansion of delivery options and improving customer loyalty.

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    Supply chain at Hotel Chocolat

    Sustainability is at the core of Hotel Chocolat’s vertically integrated business model, which is focused around the company-owned Rabot Estate cocoa plantation in Saint Lucia and the freehold Hadley Park manufacturing facility in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. 

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    Stores at Hotel Chocolat

    Hotel Chocolat’s has always understood the need for its stores to deliver on the leisure and experience level and investment in this area have paid off in recent years. Its stores are well presented to reflect its luxury proposition and also offer in-store theatre such as tasting evenings and events to enhance the customer experience.

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    Customer and marketing at Hotel Chocolat

    Hotel Chocolat strives to make consumers feel part of a community, whether that’s through initiatives such as its Chocolate Tasting Club or through the merchandising which encourages discovery and connoisseurship. Growing its own cocoa gives it an authenticity that competitors who source on the open market lack.