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    Currys (Strategy)

    CEO Alex Baldock’s strategy to reboot Currys is aimed at realising benefits from the Dixons and Carphone Warehouse merger to create a unified business, based on four main pillars: growing online, overhauling the mobile category, extending credit, and enhancing the customer experience.

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    Ecommerce at Currys

    Ecommerce priorities are all about transforming the customer experience by simplifying the journey and adding a lot of functionality.

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    Technology strategy at Currys

    The technology function at Currys plays a different role to that of many other retailers – both delivering the traditional support in running a retailer and also the B2B services company Connected World Services.

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    Supply chain at Currys

    A main priority for the merged Currys has been the integration of the supply chain of the two businesses, particularly bringing the different warehouses, stock systems and IT systems into line. Currys said it identified significant synergies from the merger including operational efficiencies and procurement benefits as a result of its increased scale.

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    Stores at Currys

    Stores, and in particular store staff, are set to play a key role for shoppers in the discovery of new technology. The importance of the assisted sale in electrical and mobile products – often high cost and complex to understand – is why stores very much remain pivotal to Baldock’s turnaround strategy.

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    Customer and marketing at Currys

    Currys has identified an opportunity to establish a new kind of connected retailing by providing a complete solution for customers from the hardware through to delivery, after-sales support and recycling.