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    Card Factory (Strategy)

    Card Factory operates a vertically integrated business model comprised of design, sourcing, printing, warehousing, distribution, a large physical store network and an online presence.

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    Ecommerce at Card Factory

    Card Factory has been accelerating investment in multichannel, and online growth has been strong in recent years. Recently rolled out click and collect across the UK.

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    Technology strategy at Card Factory

    The retailer will deliver the second phase of its ERP implementation in 2022 and is also in the final stages of transitioning the Card Factory and Getting Personal websites onto a single, unified platform. 

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    Supply chain at Card Factory

    Maximising operating efficiencies and exploiting its vertical integration as fully as possible is at the centre of Card Factory’s success.

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    Stores at Card Factory

    While its store rollout programme remains an important part of Card Factory’s growth strategy, Covid-19 impacted the pace at which it has opened stores. Moving ahead, store relocations will also be important for driving growth. Card Factory has used the results and learnings from its model store format trial to develop its Store Evolution Programme.

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    Customer and marketing at Card Factory

    Card Factory is a specialist chain that targets the value and mid-market segments of the UK’s greetings card market. Among consumers, Card Factory is perceived to be strongly associated with low price and good quality credentials.