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    B&M (Strategy)

    B&M is one of the most profitable discounters in the UK, with margins supported by a lean cost structure. Its focus remains on store expansion and infrastructure to support its rapid growth.

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    Ecommerce at B&M

    Recent appointments indicate that B&M might be having a rethink on ecommerce, although it has no transactional site just yet.

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    Technology strategy at B&M

    As a value retailer with no ecommerce operation, B&M’s IT development is all about stores and efficiency. The retailer needs to make sure its distribution systems can give it a competitive advantage, particularly as it undertakes a rapid store expansion, opening an average of more than one new store a week.

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    Supply chain at B&M

    B&M views the efficiency and agility of its supply chain as a key source of competitive advantage. It continues to invest in its supply chain and now operates in four key locations. Its strategy is geared towards increasing direct sourcing for speed, responsiveness and flexibility.

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    Stores at B&M

    B&M is continuing to expand and add new stores, both under its B&M and Heron fascias. It is now working towards a UK target of 950 store locations, benefiting from others closing stores and also boosted by its ‘essential’ retailer classification during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Customer and marketing at B&M

    Although B&M trades as a value retailer with an offer tailored towards its prime C12DE grouping, its customer base is represented across all socio-economic groups. B&M is a cut-price variety chain trying to take advantage of the consumer trend towards value and convenience.