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    Asos (Strategy)

    Asos has become one of the world’s best-known and most successful pureplay retailers by acting as a global fast-fashion destination for 20-somethings with a wide variety of content and localised experiences.

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    Ecommerce at Asos

    While Asos works on its logistics, pricing and mobile offer in international markets, its UK agenda is focused on fulfilment, personalisation, engaging content and the mobile experience.

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    Technology strategy at Asos

    Asos’ strategy is all about mobilisation, personalisation and globalisation, so it’s not hard to see how crucial technology is in driving this. It is one of the UK’s most innovative retailers – its very existence is based on disruption of the fashion sector and doing new things quickly.

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    Supply chain at Asos

    Asos’ main priority is building international supply chain capacity, optimising its global stock management capabilities and providing greater flexibility to move stock efficiently around its network.

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    Customer and marketing at Asos

    Asos markets itself as the go-to fashion retailer for young consumers and primarily targets 16- to 34-year olds across a broad socio-economic demographic. It introduces new lines at a rate of over 5,000 a week and stocks more than 85,000 SKUs across 850 brands at any one time.