Ex-Asda boss says supermarkets should get on with running their business
Tesco's rivals should get on with running their own businesses rather than whingeing about planning laws and the grocer's landbank, ex-Asda boss Archie Norman told the Retail Week Conference.

Norman said: 'If I was still at Asda, I wouldn't be complaining about Tesco's landbank, I'd be building my own.'

He added the Office of Fair Trading's referral of the big four grocers to the Competition Commission is a waste of time, but said grocers have brought the enquiry on themselves by not putting their case to the public.

'Because Tesco is the big beast, it is up to them to make the case for supermarkets to the public, not only to Downing Street. Regulators are affected by the public mood, not by what is said in Downing Street,' he said.