This is a recording of the session that took place 10:10 - 10:40 on Monday 15 June during the Be Inspired Virtual Conference 2020.

Cool blue, fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green. No, these aren’t just colours you might find in a DIY store – they also represent distinct leadership styles.

As we are faced with big challenges in the working world, strong management is more crucial than ever.

Are you precise and deliberate? Competitive and demanding? Sociable and dynamic? Caring and patient? Or a combination of all of the above?

In this panel, we bring together leaders who identify with different hues on the famous leadership colour wheel and discuss how to get the best out of team members according to their personal traits, particularly during the difficult times we have been facing of late.

Whether you head up a team or need to learn to manage your manager, pick up some tangible tips to apply to your own work.


  • Louise Stonier, chief people and culture officer, Pets at Home
  • Sach Kukadia, co-founder, Secret Sales
  • David Grunwald, vice-president of innovation, Farfetch
  • Astrid Phillips, founder and CEO, Women in Leadership Level-Up Academy