Future Leaders by Be Inspired

What is Future Leaders by Be Inspired?

Future Leaders is the next evolution of Be Inspired. It is a programme run in-person as well as online over the course of a year to help inspire the retail leaders of tomorrow.

With diverse and galvanising leaders on both the live and virtual stage for attendees to learn from, we ensure attendees, no matter their background, come away with tangible insights and connections to transform their working lives.

Using Retail Week’s unrivalled networks and 30 years of industry knowledge, this is a unique, tangible and practical way to help retailers deliver on their I&D targets and strategies, and retain and attract diverse talent.

Informed. Connected. Inclusive

With a battle for talent at all levels that continues unabated, the retail sector needs more support in positioning itself as a vibrant, dynamic and diverse workplace, and more ways to inspire the next generation of leaders - whoever they are, whatever their background.

Enter Future Leaders by Be Inspired.

Through a series of events across the calendar year with a focus on career development, retail knowledge and networking, the goal is to ensure the retail workforce is informed, connected and inclusive.

Who will benefit most from the Future Leaders programme?

Future Leaders will benefit many colleagues across your organisation. The ambassador steering groups are for your most senior team members, the trends and insights events will be most useful for your heads of and above, the retail partner forums will be ideal for your HR/D&I/talent team members and everyone, no matter their role is welcome to our career development events.

Future Leaders aims to be a resource your colleagues can access, whenever relevant, to progress their careers, improve their sector knowledge and make connections.