Tesco, Group Insight and Foresight Director

naomi k

Graduating with a degree in computer science in the 1990s when only eight of the 120 students in her class were female, Naomi started her career at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) in technology.

Naomi learned retail in a curious way, by building a merchandise management and supply chain system from scratch for her first client, a major French retailer. The experience did not put her off retail however, and over the past 20-plus years she has worked for some of the world’s biggest retailers and telecommunication companies, focusing on using data and insight to understand customers in order to drive strategy and commercial plans. Naomi is now the Group Insight and Foresight Director at Tesco.

She says: “As a mum of three I have navigated a career path with breaks and changes along the way to pursue work that excites me most and to accommodate my family priorities.

”I think it is absolutely critical that women are encouraged to believe that anything is possible and to know that others have walked in their shoes. Be Inspired is a fantastic opportunity for us to unite and solve the practical issues that must be overcome to make a real difference to the diversity challenges in our industry.”