Zendor seeks split from N Brown

Zendor, the fulfilment arm of home shopping group N Brown, aims to spin off from its parent company within the next three years.

Zendor chief executive Keith Basnett said he is on the hunt for joint ventures, acquisitions and partnerships to grow the business. He is planning to reduce the company's dependency on N Brown by up to 50 per cent in the next 12 months and continue until only 'residual' links remain.

Basnett said: 'We want to become more independent. We are pursuing a number of options to expand the range of services we offer and the capacity for greater turnover.'

He said future partners could be call centre or fulfilment companies, or the company could form an alliance with a retailer.

Zendor has been in discussions with an unnamed European retailer with regard to a possible venture for the past two months. However, Basnett said the approach is opportunistic. 'It would be wrong to say we are considering moving into Europe, but we are in conversation with a retailer,' he said.

Basnett said he plans to make Zendor Group, created in 1999, the leader in fulfilment services within two years.