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Career paths can be anything but plain sailing, often filled with twists, turns and knockbacks.

In this wellness special, Be Inspired invites you to look inwards for an afternoon and learn more about how to manage the highs and lows of your working life.





Keynote: How we stay sane in a world full of noise


Stress is increasingly a common reason cited for people needing to take time off work and it’s clear that in our ‘always on’ world, our mental health needs looking after just as much as our physical health.


In this session, hear from experts at Google Cloud on how they help their colleagues strike the balance between working hard and avoiding burn out. See inside their business and gather tips to take back to your own in order to influence the mental health agenda.


They will cover:


  • The importance of minding your mental health

  • The support Google offer its employees

  • How they enhanced the Googler mental health support during COVID 19

  • Their unique ‘Blue Dot’ programme, which allows colleagues to reach out to others within the workplace when they need emotional support 




Panel discussion: maintaining motivation when things get tough


We’ve all experienced difficult moments in our personal and professional lives that make it hard to keep smiling. How do you stay motivated at times like these? How do you ensure others are engaged?


Our panel will discuss how they influence morale and maintain positivity in the workplace, even when times are tough.