What the papers say
'Quite simply, it won't be a top shop without her.'

That quote from The Sun sums up the general reaction of today's newspapers to the shock news yesterday afternoon that Topshop brand director Jane Shepherdson was to leave the business.

The Daily Mail speculated that the split between Shepherdson and her boss at Topshop's parent Arcadia, Sir Philip Green, was due to last month's appointment of model Kate Moss as a designer.

The paper said that Shepherdson was 'green with envy', while The Daily Telegraph suggested that she and Green had had 'several disagreements in recent months'.

The Mirror quoted Shepherdson as having recently said: 'I don't like to compromise. And I don't like being told what to do.'

Meanwhile, The Guardian recalled that the 43-year-old had told the newspaper only last week of her 'incredible freedom' at Topshop. It added that the new ranges Kate Moss has been hired to design were never going to be 'make or break' for Topshop, whereas the loss of Shepherdson's talents 'might be'.

The Daily Telegraph noted the apparent suddenness of the split, reporting that Topshop staff were 'in tears' yesterday when they heard the news.

The Daily Mail added that the departure was a: 'massive blow for the billionaire... He has enough on his plate trying to sort out Bhs.'

So what next for Shepherdson?

The Independent quoted a retail source as saying that Shepherdson - who had been brand director at Topshop since 1999 - was now 'keen to do something more entrepreneurial'.

A headhunter told The Telegraph: 'Her phone will be ringing off the hook. Everyone will want her.'

The Guardian said that one call Shepherdson should definitely expect would be from Green's old sparring partner, chief executive of Marks & Spencer Stuart Rose.