Love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion on the John Lewis advert, especially its fellow retailers.

Many are so obsessed that they have taken to YouTube to parody its tale of Buster the Boxer. Here are the best homages the internet has to offer.


Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot can’t wait for the main event of the year… the unveiling of the department store’s annual spectacular.

Kevin the Carrot watches Buster the Boxer


Here’s one I made earlier

Voucher Codes' take on Buster the Boxer

It took Voucher Codes £600 and six hours to produce this parody. Equal parts creative dynamism and a nightmarish vision, the “music” is the best bit.


Bit of a downer…

Don't let vermin ruin Christmas

Satirical website The Poke points out the reality of a large portion of the animal kingdom taking to your trampoline. Bit of a dampener but it could be worse – aren’t foxes quite fond of squirrel?



Argos It

Argos cleverly undercuts John Lewis with its budget trampoline, available for next-day delivery. Bit of shame they couldn’t fork out for the proper soundtrack though.


Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas: get off my land

In a homage to grumpy dads everywhere, a Robert Dyas customer goes to drastic measures to ensure the local wildlife don’t get their mitts on his trampoline.