Grocer to return a percentage of profits from South African fruit
Waitrose is planning to return some of the profits made from selling South African fruit to the farms where the produce was grown.

The Waitrose Foundation, launched today, is expected to raise£250,000 between now and September to establish schools, health clinics and other projects that should improve life in the local farming communities.

Almost all of citrus fruit sold by Waitrose in July and August will come from 18 farms in South Africa.

In other news, The Daily Telegraph reports that a draft Greenpeace paper leaked to the supermarkets states that of the big grocers, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer try hardest to keep endangered fish stocks off their shelves.

The report claims that Asda and Morrisons have no policies at all about stocking fish that have been caught in a sustainable manner. It also alleges that Asda and Tesco sell North Sea cod, despite calls from experts for a ban on fishing cod in the area.