Waitrose selects Episys to meet shelf-edge goal

Waitrose has chosen a strategic platform to manage its shelf-edge labelling from software house Episys.

According to Waitrose systems manager Mike Westby, the system opens up the option to install electronic shelf-edge labelling across the retailer's 144 stores.

'Our old system was 12 years-old,' he said. 'It dealt with labelling information in a text file format, which was not very flexible. The new system handles information as an XML file, so it gives us a lot more freedom in the future.'

Extensible Markup Language (XML) files enable several users to share information, but frees them to chose the way in which the information is presented.

Waitrose is developing a Food & Home supercentre format, which shares products with the supermarket format. The system will allow stores to share central ticketing information, but edit and create tickets on site if required.

Westby also noted that the system will be able to support content displayed on electronic shelf-edge labels or on plasma screens.

Retailers that have experimented with forms of digital signage include Spar, Tesco and West Midlands Co Op.