The post-Christmas quiet always comes as a shock to the system after the festive season’s wall-to-wall craziness.

On one day in January, we had the same number of people through our door as we would have had in an hour in early December. However, this gave us plenty of time to plan what to do in-store for all the upcoming events.

Valentine’s Day was the next big occasion in Lush’s calendar. This year, we took our inspiration from the Lush superhero window display. We took to the shopfloor caped and painted as superheroes, ready and willing to save the day for all those men who didn’t have a clue what to choose for the ladies in their lives. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. I was Super Cupid and managed to spread the word of love to one and all.

Next on the agenda is Mother’s Day, which is a one-day mini-Christmas for us, so it’s imperative we get it right. This year, the Mother’s Day gifts will be extra special, as they come with innovative gift tags containing seeds that will grow into wildflowers when planted and watered, so mum gets two gifts in one.

Easter follows swiftly and, once again, we are selling the most beautiful eggs made from our Bath Ballistic mixture, which are minimally packaged in compostable cellophane and provide environmentally friendly alternatives to the usual Easter offerings. This should provide us with a great opportunity to continue our campaign to reduce packaging and highlight our green credentials to shoppers.

So, after the quiet of January, we’re well and truly back to being hectic.

By Ruth Siegler, Lush, Guildford