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Richard Walker: Coronavirus has brought out the best in retail


It feels like we have suddenly stepped into a parallel universe, where none of the normal conventions that have framed our lives apply.

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Lucy Ward


Opinion: Retailers may face further pain from force majeure disputes


In little more than a week, the retail landscape in the UK has suffered unprecedented upheaval. When the dust has settled, the fallout from the Covid-19 outbreak may turn out to be one of the most significant economic events for a generation.

George MacDonald


Opinion: Don’t let rogue warehouses spark an online retail lockdown


Mass store closures ordered by the government to combat the coronavirus crisis have dealt the retail industry a devastating blow.

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Data: Grocery out-of-stocks surge tenfold as bulk-buying intensifies

2020-03-23T15:31:00+00:00By ,

Figures from Edge by Ascential demonstrate the unprecedented demand that UK grocers have faced over the past month, as shopper behaviour has moved from top-up shopping to bulk-buying and stockpiling. This has led to high levels of out-of-stocks across ambient grocery, soap and household essentials.

The future of fashion

Future of Fashion

Are smart clothes the future? Will fashion retail be dominated by platforms?

These are the questions facing the fashion industry today, as what consumers want and how retailers deliver that to them shifts rapidly.

Read our deep dive into the future of fashion to find out how clothing design, manufacturing and retail is transforming, and how retailers can prepare for this new world of fashion.

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